What We Do

Leadership Development

Improve the performance of the individual within the context of the overall team. Define the roles and responsibilities that underlie an individual’s autonomy and accountability. Coach senior managers so they are able to innovate and lead through change. Provide independent insight and an objective sounding board to your most seasoned executives.

Organization Development

Rethink the structure of your organization to make it more adaptable and innovative to effectively deal with headwinds from industry disruption and competitive change. Design a flexible organization that is able to continually meet the emergent needs of the firm’s employees and clients.

Team Effectiveness

Align leadership around defined objectives to create consensus of purpose to increase the team’s performance. Create a framework for more open and transparent communication. Develop more productive collaboration mechanisms both within and between management teams.

Culture Shaping

Deep-dive into the tone of your executive team to see what’s working and what’s causing dysfunction. Provide a more human-centered team culture that is inclusive, trusting and appreciative so your leaders contribute in a more meaningful way. Create a shared sense of purpose so you can realize the full power and potential of your people.

Our Process

Adirondac Group utilizes a proprietary methodology that we call Inquiry2Innovation. This is our process for using contextual inquiry to identify, and innovate through, the challenges your organization faces. Through independent, third party surveys, interviews and direct observation of our clients’ work environments, we are able to uncover the real issues that are impacting the people within the organization. From these assessments we identify common themes and work with clients on various solutions that will improve a team’s engagement, effectiveness and performance.

Human interaction is both unique and complex. Our goal is to simplify the complexity that is particular to an organization. Through our contextual inquiry process, we ask powerful questions to define, clarify and reconsider the ways your people can work most effectively with one another. Solutions derived from this process have a meaningful and enduring impact because we address the organizational dynamics particular to the client.

We help companies achieve their strategic objectives through:

Leadership Alignment
Executive Coaching
Performance Development
Talent Retention

Leading Through Change
Culture Shaping
Leadership Assessments
Team Collaboration

Leadership & Management Thinking

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